Eat. Mix. Glaze.

Feel the buzz.

Hemp THC Honey straws.

Get High, Honey.

So, what do you do with it?

Eat it. Mix it. Glaze it. Heck, you can even bite the end of the straw and slurp it like a champion. Fancy a buzz in your morning joe? Drop a straw in there. We're all about versatility.

And speaking of getting glazed, toast has never been this exciting. Trust us, you'll want to get your High Honey all over that toast. Toasted, of course.

How much to take?

Well, darling, it all depends on your tolerance. We suggest you start slow and build your buzz because, you know, going from zero to buzzed bee might not end well. Newbies, take about a third of the straw and sit tight for an hour before you even think about buzzing some more.

Now, if you're feeling extra adventurous and want to be that buzzing bee everyone talks about, go ahead and chomp down the whole straw. You pros out there, you've probably got your PhD in buzzology, so you do you.

  • You'll be Buzzin

    Want to get High... Honey? Take it to go, mix into drinks and control your high with 5mg THC per straw.

  • Hemp-Derived THC

    All High Honey is made with hemp-derived THC which means it's completely legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • Pure and Sweet

    Lab tested for quality, premium honey and the best THC (trade secret) that makes High Honey delicious and potent.

  • Ships to your Home

    Order your High Honey today and get it shipped to your home. When you order 3 or more bags you'll get free shipping!

  • Certified Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher

    No buzz kills here. It's the best of the best honey and safe for everyone except vegans.

  • Real Honey, Duh

    Sorry to bust your bubble but did you know that some honey out there is fake?! Well you can't buy any fake honey from High Honey cause ours is as real as the buzz we provide.

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High Testimonials

  • I got Glazed

    “Being able to glaze High Honey on my waffles has really made my quality of life a lot more sweeter”


  • Makes Drinks Drinkable

    "I can actually drink tea now with High Honey"


  • Game Changer for Chores

    “This is how you can make the mundane into marvelous.”


  • Time of my life

    "I don't smoke and edibles are hit or miss, honey is so much better for me and I love the versatility of High Honey!"


  • Great for Workouts

    "I like to use it with my smoothies and they're so good I can eat them on the go if I need to re-up"


  • Parents finally did THC

    "High Honey is the first ever product that my parents consumed THC and realized the benefits of it, they LOVE High Honey"


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