The health benefits of raw honey sticks over processed honey

The health benefits of raw honey sticks over processed honey

Honey has been used for sustenance and medicine by humans for thousands of years. The question of whether processed or natural honey is healthier seems to be up for debate. There is a debate among experts on the health benefits of raw vs processed food; some contend that there is no difference in benefits. Find out why raw honey sticks is better for you than processed honey for these reasons.

Raw honey sticks vs. Processed 

You must first comprehend the key differences between raw and processed honey to appreciate the health advantages of raw honey sticks.

 Raw honey Sticks 

With our handy raw honey sticks, enjoy the unadulterated, unadulterated deliciousness of raw honey. Every stick, sourced from the best apiaries, has the pure essence of honey straight from the hive, unadulterated by additives or processing. These single sticks provide a mess-free, portable way to savor the unmatched richness and nutritional advantages of raw honey. They're ideal for on-the-go snacking, sweetening drinks, or adding a touch of healthful flavor to your favorite recipes. With every sip, drizzle, or lick, our raw honey sticks ensure a delightfully rewarding experience, whether you're desiring a guilt-free pleasure or you're powering up for a busy day.

 Processed honey 

However, before it is bottled, processed honey must go through a number of additional phases in the production process. These actions are:

By destroying the yeast that gives honey its flavor by high heat, a method known as pasteurization smoothes the honey's texture and increases its shelf life.

Filtration produces clear, visually pleasing honey by eliminating air bubbles and contaminants.

An additional filtration method called ultrafiltration helps to further refine the honey. The healthy minerals and antioxidants that are normally present in honey may also be lost during this procedure.

 Benefits of raw honey sticks 

Pure Nutritional Goodness: All the natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals present in raw honey are included in raw honey sticks, offering a complete nutritional boost.

Easy Portability: When raw honey is packaged in individual sticks, it is incredibly portable, eliminating the need for messy jars or utensils and enabling you to enjoy a sweet treat on the go.

Mess-Free Use: Because each stick makes one serving, you don't have to worry about calculating servings or sticky spills, making it easy to use at home, at work, or on outdoor adventures.

Natural Energy Source: Raw honey is a naturally occurring source of carbohydrates that provide you an immediate and long-lasting energy boost. This makes it the perfect mid-afternoon snack or pre-workout fuel.

 How Processing Reduces Honey's Health Benefits 

The body's oxidative stress is reduced by antioxidants. Antioxidant-rich flavonoids and phenolic acids can be found in raw honey. The flowers that bees pollinate determine the kinds of antioxidants that are present in raw honey.

A common misconception is that most of honey's nutritious value is lost during pasteurization. Though studies show that heat treatments reduce the antioxidant concentration in a variety of foods, there is no comprehensive research on how exactly pasteurization affects the antioxidants in honey.

When processing their honey, several producers also add sugars and other ingredients. Because they contain added sugars like high fructose corn syrup or brown rice syrup, many honey products that you see in stores aren't made entirely of natural honey.

Until the honey is labeled as "raw," you cannot be certain that it is free of additional ingredients. The major factor that makes raw honey healthier than processed honey is that it comes straight from the hive and contains no extra substances.

For those who use honey for health purposes, raw honey sticks might be a preferable alternative because they are made entirely of real, unprocessed ingredients. Furthermore, raw honey that has already become liquid tends to crystallize faster than other types of honey.

After learning about all of the benefits of raw honey sticks, you may be wondering where you can acquire them. Look no further—visit High Honey's website to learn more or to buy raw honey sticks right now!

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