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Top Movies to Watch Glazed

Hey there, busy bees! Ever been on your couch, feeling all glazed and high as a kite, and wondered, "Which movie would be the absolute bomb right now, especially with a dash of THC in the mix?" Trust us, certain flicks, when enjoyed in this glazed and elevated state, are a whole new level of awesome. So, whether you're craving some uproarious laughter or a mind-blowing cinematic adventure, we've got a bunch of killer recommendations just for you!

Comedy - "Being John Malkovich"

Immerse yourself in the imaginative and offbeat world of "Being John Malkovich." This film takes you on a journey into the peculiar realm of inhabiting someone else's consciousness, specifically the famous actor John Malkovich. The surreal narrative and unique storytelling will keep you captivated.

Animation - "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"

Embark on an emotional roller-coaster and adventure in a world where ordinary backyards transform into vast, adventurous jungles. In this whimsical universe, the small becomes significant, and everyday challenges turn into life-altering adventures. It's the perfect film to heighten your feelings of wonder. And a gentle reminder: Despite the visuals, no real insects were harmed during this epic journey.

Sci-Fi - "Interstellar"

Embark on a journey through the cosmos alongside the charismatic Matthew McConaughey. "Interstellar" is a cinematic spectacle that explores black holes, delves into relativity, and delves into the bond between parent and child. With your senses heightened, the majestic beauty of the universe is bound to leave you in awe.

Fantasy - "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Step through the magical wardrobe and immerse yourself in the enchanted world of Narnia. It's a place where the impossible becomes reality: mythical creatures roam, animals speak in human languages, and destiny awaits at every turn. As you follow the Pevensie siblings on their journey, you can't help but wonder about the mysteries hidden in Narnia's vast landscapes.

Musical - "La La Land"

Let the harmonious tunes of "La La Land" serenade you as you wander through the illuminated streets of Los Angeles. With every tap, twirl, and melody, you'll be transported into a dreamlike state of love and ambition. The melodies are even more enchanting when enjoyed with a subtle sense of relaxation.

And there you have it! Our top picks for a memorable movie night, made even more enjoyable with a touch of THC. Don't forget to have your favorite treats close by as the screen lights up. Remember, some moments are just sweeter with a hint of THC-induced relaxation. Movies, of course, are no exception.


Photo by Roberto Nickson

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